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What Moves The Needle

Do you know your KPIs? Also, what really makes the difference for your business? What moves the needle?

Is it traffic to your website? Is it pageviews? Uniques? Sales? Conversions? What does your business care about and how can you double-down on what works?

It’s important to know what your business ultimately needs to focus on. For our custom dress shirt venture, it’s sales. Not quite how many white dress shirts or black dress shirts we can sell in a month, but just basically how many dress shirts we can sell, period.

It’s not quite about traffic either, although traffic is something that is important for our business. It’s the combination of traffic and optimized conversion rate so we can make more sales, which is the real KPI.

Another thing we focus on is SEO, ranking for keywords like slim fit dress shirts, tailored dress shirts, bespoke dress shirts and men’s dress shirts. There’s also the long-tail, where we want to rank for more random terms like white placket dress shirts, dress shirt waist, dress shirt tailoring, and buying men’s dress shirts online.

What really moves the needle? It’s building traffic and optimizing our conversion rate so we can sell some more awesome co-created dress shirts.

What’s moving your needle? How can you increase your KPIs?