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Aligning Supply With Demand

Supply and demand are two complimentary things, but in most industries, it is hard to find the point at which they meet. Maybe the stock market has it right (maybe?) since there is a somewhat steady price point at which certain stocks will trade if all other things remain equal, and then it finds it’s equilibrium shortly after big changes within a company, within the industry, or just the global market.

Retail, mainly brick-and-mortar, is one industry that has had a bit of trouble managing supply to meet with demand, which is one of the inefficiencies with retail. But new innovations in retail, especially in the co-creation sector, have allowed supply and demand to be managed better.

With co-creation companies, you can order chocolates with toppings that suite your palette, and as many of them as you want. Rather than running from store to store hoping to find that fruit and nut Cadbury chocolate bar you’ve been craving, you can easily order a sweet chocolate bar online with all the fruits and nuts you want in any quantity you want.

The same goes with our custom dress shirt company. Instead of running to Banana Republic for that blue striped shirt with a white contrast collar and white contrast cuffs, you can co-create your own dress shirts online with the details you really love. The other beauty is that we will never run out of your size either, which is a big problem for guys that love to shop and have particular dress shirt style preferences.

You choose the dress shirt’s base, then style all the other features of the shirt, make it a slim fit shirt so you can have darts on your dress shirt, or put in your dress shirt measurements, and then get a co-creation that was individually stitched and fits you.

Co-creation works, especially for younger, leaner companies because this alignment of supply and demand makes it easy for entrepreneurs to minimize overhead, finance their costs with revenue, and create a customized product and service for the very particular customers of today’s age.