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A Belated Thanks For The Summer Venture Program

We were one of the lucky startups to be part of Babson’s first Summer Venture Program, and to be honest, it was the best thing for our little custom dress shirt venture. Without the office space and the mentorship, I would have never met Fan, nor would we have ever been able to hire Alec.

We were young guys with a dream, and the Summer Venture Program helped us in building that dream. I crashed the party being from another University and by taking advantage of the office space and accommodations.

But I am ever so thankful to have been part of that experience.

We would not have been able to build the team we have now, nor would we have been able to make the mistakes that we did as a business without the support of the Program Leaders and the Blank Center.

We went in thinking we could really scale the physical sale and distribution of bespoke suits and bespoke dress shirts, but came out realizing that it wasn’t just about an affordable dress shirt that fit well. It was all about co-creation and the new-age, co-created men’s dress shirt.

With the help of some guidance, long hours, lots of research, and lots of testing and development, we had a really great idea for a great business and an almost complete team to make that dream come true. But the Summer Venture Program was a big part in our small venture’s life that helped to bring our business to where it is now.

So here’s to a belated thanks!