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Product Market Fit

Are you really serving the needs of your customers?  Can your customers live without your product?

I recently saw a interview with Sean Ellis on Mixergy that reminded me of Sean Ellis’ Startup Pyramid.

It is important to build your product around what your customer really needs and wants. While your product can resolve a need, is it something that your customers absolutely must have?

The interview got me thinking about how we could really get our customers excited about what we’re doing and provide a product that they will love.

We couldn’t just make custom made dress shirts that people could pick and choose their collars and cuffs for. We had to make our product a little sexier, actually, a lot more interesting than what your local tailor and traditional retailers were already offering.

We’re still working on proper product market fit. It’s certainly a challenge when you are a young company still figuring things out, but that’s part of the excitement of being in a startup. The next steps after finding proper product market fit would be to continue marketing and pushing our brand and improving our conversion funnel to acquire more happy co-creating customers. Let’s just get past step one first.