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Making More Out Of Your Product

We started with custom dress shirts, which evolved to co-created dress shirts. It was more than just making super stylish white dress shirts and black dress shirts. It wasn’t about providing a tailored dress shirt, similar to something you’d get off of Savile Row. There was a bit more to it. There was the idea that you can become your own designer.

Co-creation became something a bit bigger than ourselves, especially when we found we could co-create chocolate, handbags, and even girl’s clothing. The Boston Globe noted a second wave of mass-customization, but for us, it was more than mass-customization. We we’re doing is co-creation, and we think it’s more powerful than the former.

For us, our product is something that’s incredibly different from the traditional.

We’re not just a provider of dress shirts online and while we do preach that our dress shirts are fitted better than off-the-rack, what we’re offering isn’t just a simple men’s dress shirt.

We’ve made more out of our product because that’s what our customers want. They didn’t want a bespoke dress shirt they could have gotten a local tailor to make within a few days. Our shirts take 3-4 weeks to ship. There’s a lot of friction there. But the value add is in the ability to design-your-own, to co-create.

What are you doing with your product to make it something bigger and better than the normal?