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When You Should Grow Your Team

You can’t stay a small business forever. Sure, your team of four does a great job now, and it seems like your they can conquer the world themselves, but they can’t. For a while since launch, we thought the Blank Label team could manage everything themselves, just by being smarter and working harder. But as we grew, we knew we had to scale the team. We tried (and failed) at hiring a new web developer. Most recently, we went out hiring a customer service leader, and succeeded. Now, we are on the hunt for a community outreach intern to help us reconnect with the New Male.

Part of our offering for the new team members we were bringing on board was a few awesome co-created work dress shirts every month which gave them the fun opportunity to design their own dress shirts label, potential for equity, and an unbelievable experience with some of the craziest people out there.

As a lean startup without a lot of funding, we had to figure out creative ways to grow the team without giving up too much equity or paying the highest salaries. We had to sell ourselves and our interesting work culture, and since we are a split team, that allowed for flex time, telecommuting, and just overall madness at work.

It was a difficult decision at first when we were looking to grow our team, but when the startup needs it, you need to make it happen.