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PR For Startups

PR has been the main source of traffic for our men’s dress shirts startup. Here are some PR tips you can’t live without, including how to find media leads and how to be newsworthy.

Our media coverage has been unbelievable since we launched just six months ago. We can’t stop giving thanks to our advisors and the journalists who were as excited about co-creation as we were to report on us. Also, we keep sending some support and love to other entrepreneurs who helped make all of this happen.

But for startups, it’s important to understand your KPIs and if getting traffic and coverage is one of them, PR is a great way to make that happen.

We found a lot of benefit in picking up advisors who are professionals in PR who have helped us grow as a business and helped us in developing our PR and communications skills such that we’ve been able to do it all ourselves and build an amazing business without paying a cent for advertising.

PR certainly isn’t an easy game, but it’s great for startups looking to build traffic and brand legitimacy because people will take you more seriously if they know media has taken you seriously.