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Media Coverage is like Raising a Kid

Not that I know one thing about raising children… but managing a startup is like having your own baby. Again, I am not exactly one to talk, but if I were to imagine what having a kid was like it’d be like managing Blank Label and the process of making co-created men’s dress shirts.

You’re proud when you see your baby start to grow up. For us, this was the stage right after we launched and started getting some decent media coverage. We were in Luxist, Forbes, KillerStartups and CoolBusinessIdeas.

When he turned two was when Blank Label started walking on it’s own feet and started making a couple of sales a day for some positive cash flow.

When your kid turns four is when you start seeing a real change in his behavior. For us, Blank Label didn’t really make your normal custom dress shirt anymore. We made co-created dress shirts and were proud of it!

When our baby turned six, big things started happening. Blank Label was in TheNextWeb, then Blank Label was in Mashable. Following all that, Blank Label hit the NY Times and Reveries re-blogged about Blank Label.

It was when we were getting real recognition that we were proudest of our baby. Those articles about us are sort of like clippings for the baby album which we will look back on when we grow older. We’re really proud of what we’ve done with Blank Label and are excited about the future of the business. I suppose that would be the same if Blank Label was a six year old kid just getting ready to make his way into the world and make a difference.