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Shifting Gears as a Startup

In my recent post on Examiner, I noted how startups are dynamic and the good ones never stop changing and the ones that stay static die.

It is incredibly important for businesses to be agile to adapt to consumer needs and wants, rather than the needs and wants of the business owners.

For a while, we wanted to do suits and dress shirts and be a custom tailor shop. But that business just didn’t work because the demand wasn’t there. Consumers wanted more from their men’s dress shirts. They wanted something really special, so we decided to do business the co-created way. We had to create a revolution around co-creation.

We couldn’t be your normal tailor shop anymore. That just wasn’t working for us. The typical definition of the custom dress shirt was redefined.

It’s all been about learning, developing, shifting gears, and making magic happen. We had to build out a product and customer experience that was suitable for our target audience based on their feedback and reactions to our prototypes. We’re still in beta mode. Not sure if we will ever get out of beta, but it’s a good place to be because we’re spending a lot of time listening and adapting to our customer’s needs. Shifting gears is important. How are you changing for the better?