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Scaling Up The Team

Right now, the Blank Label team has a core of four scrappy entrepreneurs looking to change the way men shop. But we have started to realized we are not capable of staying up 24 hours, 7 days a week, and while all-nighters are not out-of-the-question, we need to sleep at some point.

Bringing on additional support is tough though. Finding qualified and quality candidates is very difficult. We’ve tried recruiting new members – a handy man for web development and most recently, a customer service champion.

In general, it is hard to hire right. We have made a few silly mistakes in the past and have ‘pulled the trigger’ too early. But it was all part of the learning process.

Anyone have interesting stories about interesting hires? Anyone know scrappy go-getters looking to jump on board with a crazy startup going through some interesting phases?

Danny Wong is a co-founder of Blank Label and maker of co-created custom dress shirts. For more updates on Blank Label, check out Blank Label’s co-creation blog. For more information about Danny, check out his column on Examiner and SearchEngineJournal.