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How to Leverage PR for Search Engine Optimization

In SEO, it is important to have strong links pointing to your website. If you are lucky, those links will be optimized for keywords you are targeting too.

But how is Public Relations related to SEO?

The inbound links you receive from Media Outlets are incredibly powerful. How?

1. The link is from a trusted domain that has a lot of authority

2. The link will have a high click-through rate, therefore increasing your aggregate traffic (one of many factors in SEO) and proving that the link is valuable because people are clicking through

3. The article will generate a ton of external links because when mass-media publishes anything, lots of readers respond to the article (and link to it) on their blogs, and if you are lucky, you might get more direct links from external sites just because of your media exposure.

For some more reasons supporting the use of PR and SEO in your marketing strategy, see my guest post on Search Engine Journal on Why Traditional PR Should Be Incorporated into your SEO Strategy.

Danny Wong is a guest blogger and co-founder of custom dress shirts ecommerce startup, Blank Label.