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How A Movement Helped Our Startup

#CCCR, the Co-Creation Custom Revolution.  To make co-creation more appealing, to really push it as a consumer trend and to make our custom dress shirts very interesting, we started a movement.

Identifying co-creation as a movement suddenly changed the way we thought about our business and we weren’t so much about fashion anymore, but we were more about changing the way people shop. That’s why we try identifying our product as the co-created dress shirt instead of the custom dress shirt, but just explain that they are still synonymous because the hope is that in three to five years, custom and co-creation will be one and the same. Right now, they are very different ideas, but we’re just trying to limit confusion by still saying we make custom dress shirts.

The movement has been a very powerful branding play just because we are more focused on customer empowerment to design-it-yourself, something users never thought they could do but is now a capability that is seamless.

We made the Co-Created Dress Shirts Revolution easy to join too and rallied a ton of support and continued to blog about how co-creation is the wave of the future, why people should care, the co-creation and mass-customization industry itself, and even the inefficiencies with mass-production.

As the leader of the Revolution, we rallied support from other co-creation companies to spread the good word and learned a lot by interacting with others in the co-creation community.

What type of movement are you pushing with your business? Any co-creators want to connect with us?

Danny Wong is a leader in the #CCCR movement, and as a co-founder of Blank Label, he’s pushing the movement with custom men’s dress shirts.