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Effective Ways to Bootstrap Marketing

Low cash-burn and being lean is a huge priority for startups. While it is not always important to stay lean (sometimes you would rather be a fat startup), it’s fairly easy to boostrap marketing.

Several ways you can limit cash-burn and increase revenue include:

1. Public Relations – leveraging external networks and media (bloggers included) to get the word out about your business at little to no cost to you (except maybe for a product giveaway or review)

2. Search Engine Optimization – the art of SEO is complicated for those who do not understand it, but basically, you want to build powerful links from external websites linking to your website and be keyword optimized for specific search terms you want to rank for. For more information on SEO, see my posts on SearchEngineJournal.

3. Word-of-Mouth – build a great product, and provide an over-the-top service, and that’s how you can naturally bring in more customers through word-of-mouth because your customers will tell their friends about their incredibly positive experience with you and that’s how you leverage their networks to increase your revenue, and it’s just really good branding too.

Danny Wong is Blank Label’s marketing guru, who has been quoted in and Mashable for his marketing expertise. Danny is also a supporter of the co-creation movement and maker of custom dress shirts.