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Building a Business through PR

Public Relations is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to get the word out. While Public Relations encompasses a whole variety of things, I am going to focus on Media Relations specifically.

Getting the media to cover you is hard. There is no doubt about that. But the media is your friend and you must leverage it to the best of your ability. Media Relations puts you and your business before the eyes of hundreds, thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands or millions of people with no cost to you. That’s a really great ROI isn’t it?

You can build your business through Public Relations by having a really hardcore evangelist spreading the good word. Do not just blast the media with an unprofessional, copy-and-pasted message. Media Relations is an art, same as communicating with customers, investors or people in general. Take good care in crafting proper emails and messages to reporters, journalists and writers because they will really help you grow your business from twenty customers to hundreds or thousands of customers in no time.

Here are some Media Relations tips for beginners in Public Relations.

This guest post is provided by Danny Wong, Media Relations guru, of Blank Label, an ecommerce startup looking to change the way men shop with co-created custom men’s dress shirts.