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Brochures: The Original Marketing Tool

Brochures what are they? Indeed in today’s era of internet networking and social media, for various reasons brochures seem to be given a backseat in some marketing campaigns. However I would not be alone in suggesting that it remains one of the most effective methods of communicating with clients.

Brochures are a positive way of putting across your mission statement and detailing your product to prospective customers. Given that they are material, they can be kept on the fridge door or on the notice board. This is likely to go in your favor as your business is being advertised in homes and businesses across the nation. In a time when people do not have time to research products for hours, having the details of a business that suits their needs delivered to them is often helpful.
What should it look like? Brochures do not guarantee successful marketing by simply existing. They need to have a unique yet professional image and contain well written prose. This is especially important as customers will look to the brochure as a reflection of your company and if it does not look good they are less likely to spend time reading it which means they are even more unlikely to buy your product. You need to think about every aspect – size, shape, layout and style. It might be worth having your brochure professionally created as it might prove cost effective in the long run.
Use techniques such as detailing your website and social marketing platform url as well as the more traditional information such as telephone number and address. You can also use graphics and lots of color to make it appealing.

There is little point in having a brochure if it is not seen by the maximum number of potential customers. You might think about taking your brochure to business fairs along with a personalized brochure holder, do mail shots or have an option for online customers to sign up for one. Just like every other aspect of marketing your brochure must tap into the needs, wants and desires of your target audience.