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How to Throw a Memorable Graduation Party

Graduating from high school is a memory most of us hold close to our hearts. Now it’s your own child’s turn to leave their childhood behind. They have grown into an adult and will soon go off to college or work. It’s a time of great change and transition for both of you. What better way to focus your feelings than in throwing a graduation party your child will remember for the rest of their life?

The first thing to do is set the date. If you intend to hold the graduation party anywhere but your own home, book the venue as far in advance as possible. Confirm the booking before sending out save the date cards. Save the date cards are a great formal way to ask friends and family to block out a particular day in advance of a written invitation. As graduation party season approaches and people are inundated with requests you’ll be glad you were smart enough to send out save the date cards.

Graduation invitations offered by school based catalog companies are very expensive and very boring. Create your own custom graduation invites using an online template and a photo or two of your child. Remember to order enough invites from the online printing company for your entire guest list as well as a few extra as keepsakes for grandparents and parents.

Decorate the graduation party venue with balloons in the school colors, eye catching wishes banners and photographic memories of your child’s school years. Opt for custom vinyl banners to ensure a personalized touch that will have guests wondering how you managed it. A few different banners in different sizes are the best way to go. A banner stating congratulations to your child, one with the school name and graduation year and perhaps even a “we love you” banner would be nice.

TIP: Order custom vinyl banners and invites and save the date cards from the same company to save money on shipping.

A cute touch for the day is to provide all of the guests with custom printed t-shirts as favors. Of course the way to go is to buy them in bulk and choose a design so they can be worn after the big day has passed. Save money by customizing a template offered by an online printing company. Get a selection of shirts in different sizes to ensure guests aren’t offended. Roll up each custom t-shirt and place in baskets marked with the size. These are sure to be a big hit and one party favor your guests will cherish for a long time to come.

Parents tend to spend little time decorating the tables at graduation parties to their own detriment. Tables are the icing on the cake of a well designed party. Order custom printed place cards for your guests made from fold over business cards. You can place the guest’s name on the front and a memory of your child or their favorite quote on the other side. Include the graduation year and the student’s name to make the place card a great little keepsake.

If you don’t intend to have individual place cards for your guests and opt for table assignments instead, you can still use the fold over business cards. Simply leave a space for the guests name on one side and the table number on the other side. Place corresponding number cards on the tables to help guests find their table. This makes seating arrangements more flexible. Place older guests at separate tables from your child’s high school friends.

Add plastic tablecloths in the school colors or formal white linens to finish off your tables. Centerpieces of fresh flowers are a nice touch in early summer. Add the food and the guests to your custom printing and your party is prepared for success.

Graduation parties mean plenty of gifts for the graduate. Finish up your party ordering with a stack of custom printed thank you cards. Your child is sure to need one to thank you for making their graduation party the best in the school.