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California versus Mass

There has been much debate among entrepreneurs as to whether it is better to start a company in California or Massachusetts. One of the main arguments for Cali of course is the unbeatable weather and more relaxed atmosphere. For Mass, one of the biggest pros is the “aggressive” minded entrepreneurs who will be your peers and they tend to be highly motivated to succeed. Both Cali and Mass have deep pockets when it comes to VC funding, and both have a very active entrepreneurial community. There is a difference in the mentality which for most tends to be the deciding factor when choosing where to base your company out of. In Cali, you tend to find more investors who are willing to invest just on an idea with no real “business” behind it. In Mass you are more likely to find an idea that makes a lot of “business” sense in terms of producing revenue, but with less users. Neither of these methods are incorrect because the truth is that for a company to be successful you need both along with a good website. So when it comes to Cali vs Mass, neither is better than the other, the approach is just a little different.