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A New Year’s Resolution

Capitalism has been especially critiqued in America ever since the wave of economic distress. Businesses and market forces have been blamed. Many people though, have found the positive aspects of entrepreneurship. Over half of the responders to a survey prefer “giving individuals incentives to start their own business as opposed to allowing the government to create new jobs directly.” New businesses in the economy are not about capitalism, but rather about allowing entrepreneurs to participate in our economy. New fresh faces to business will play a very important part in our economy’s recovery. In order to boost entrepreneurism, it is important to design entrepreneurial incentives. We need to focus more on small firms and new businesses. WE do not want to disregard large firms, but young entrepreneurs will more likely discover new things, while refined businesses will mix new methods with old products. Younger firms however, have been a proven source of economic growth. If we are to create new jobs, and stimulate economic growth, the government should focus on new laws, and making sure that they do no harm to new businesses.