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Unbelievable! How ugly things can get?

Since a blow called economic recession hit the globe and US in particular, newer and ingenious ways of making money are hitting us in the face and show no sign of abating. Well, which one of us wouldn’t want to make some extra money if it harms nobody in the process? Most of the time any new money making scheme is introduced, the company which launches it and the middle man who recommends laugh all the way to the bank while the innocent public ends up losing hard earned dollars. Read the following paragraphs and you will be amazed to know that how ugly things can get in order to make a few extra bucks! Imagine a situation like this. You are a life insurance policy holder and a sincere one at that. You are suddenly afflicted with a life threatening disease and you need the money. You have a deal with your investor and agree to take a percentage (far below the insured amount) and transfer the papers. Later, the investor gets the insured amount after your death. Your survivors are saddled with all the dues you left behind, the burial expenses adding to the agony! May be this scheme was all started with a noble thought to help those who had no kith and kin. But somewhere along the way, it has got murkier and smacks of utter selfishness on the part of those who misuse it to serve their own interest. Will this not serve a blow to various health care programs and researches to improve human life span?