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Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that shows how visitors found your Web site and how they interact with it. The information provided by Google Analytics is specially useful for online marketers who poverty to focus their marketing resources and get the most continuance from their online advertising. Google Analytics is easy to ingest and hurried to get up and running, while it also provides advanced testing and chase capabilities for the most sophisticated marketers. If you buy keywords on Google AdWords, you can ingest Google Analytics to learn which keywords send you the visitors most likely to turn into customers. Because you can wager the portion of your revenue and ROI that is attributed to each keyword, you can fine-tune your spending and keyword selection. Google Analytics may be utilised directly from the AdWords interface and provides time-saving AdWords integration features. Google Analytics also tracks non-Google see engines as well as another kinds of marketing initiatives, such as unpaid (natural or organic) search, affiliate and site referrals, and e-mail campaigns. You can custom-configure marketing campaigns on an ad-hoc basis for accumulated control over how your initiatives are displayed in reports. This is specially useful in effort campaigns for which you poverty to differentiate specific links within referrals or effort across mediums (print, e-mail, blogs, etc.). For more information, take a look at some educational articles on Web analytics and online marketing best practices at