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How important is customer experience for your business?

When it comes to expanding your business, you can either sell more to your existing clients or look out for new customers. Of course, the former would be easier. Customer experience is the key to this. Word of mouth advertising works really well. All you need to do is keep your customers happy and content. Remember, one happy customer can generate hundreds of other prospects for you. Offer excellent products, services and customer support to your customers. Pay attention to every aspect of the sales funnel- prospect to customer and beyond. Most importantly, LISTEN to your customers. Nordstrom®, under the leadership of John Nordstrom, followed a culture wherein workers would listen to the customers, appreciate them and take decisions individually to satisfy them. Customer Satisfaction is not an overnight affair. However, if you pay attention to what your customer says, you would definitely get positive results sooner or later. Empowering (and later, rewarding) your employees to improve customer experience can work wonders for your business.