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Network Marketing

1. INTRODUCTION: Tell Them Who You Are – When you call your prospect on the phone, simply introduce yourself and acknowledge who you are and if applicable, remind them of your website that they recently visited. You’ll also want to be sure you ask them if itIntro is a good time to speak. This shows courtesy on your part. If they say no, then ask them what would be a good time for you to call them back. 2. BUILD RAPPORT: Find Out Who They Are – Right after you’ve introduced yourself and made sure it’s an okay time to speak with your prospect, now it’s time to build a rapport with them…to break the ice. Most people love to talk about their favorite subject…themselves…so be sure to make a little small talk to find out more about them. Ask them what state they’re in, how long they’ve been there, what they do for a living, etc. Keep in mind that this is also the phase where you will begin identifying their personality color type so be sure to LISTEN ATTENTIVELY and take notes! Based on the answers they give and in most cases, even the tone of their voice or the way they respond to you should be able to tell if they are red, blue, yellow or green. Again, once you have pinpointed their DOMINANT personality color/type, then make sure that YOU adjust accordingly! 3. FACT-FIND: Find Out What They Need & If You Can Help – Once you’ve built a rapport, now it’s time to get down the nitty-gritty and find out why they visited your website or find out what it is they want and/or need and if/how you and what you are offering can assist them. Depending on their personality type, you may have to dig deep to get the answers you need to determine if what you have to offer is right for them or not. Ask questions and behind each question, be quiet, listen and respond accordingly…not forgetting to jot down notes if feasible. Repeat until you have gathered enough information to make a determination as to if this is someone you can help or not. 4. CLOSE: Get Them Signed Up – Depending on how things have gone in the first 3 steps will determine if you will close the deal with your prospect or not. If you have determined that what you have to offer matches with your prospects needs and they match who you’re looking to work with, then there is a good chance you will get them signed up. Now one thing you will want to learn to do (and it does take doing this and gaining experience) and that is to also know when to do a “take away” where you literally take your offer away from the prospect.