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Can you achieve success in your business by hiring staff or laying off staff? Suppose if your business or industry is based on high technology, hiring technical writers or e-learning professionals is profitable or not. If you have to increase your skilled staff and their growth for your company growth, you will have to sacrifice your considerable nominal range of profit for the welfare of your staff. Please be remembered always that as an owner of a company, you have to do something better to your staff who worked for you. Because of hiring people for your company and extracting their sincere contribution for your company’s growth is not an easy process. You have to maintain an enthusiastic connection with what you are going to achieve in your business and the same feeling you have to create among all your staff. On contrary, if you want to down size your staff due any kind of sudden crisis on your business, you have to handle it very carefully. You cannot do it at a time. You have to do it for several rounds. When you terminate your employee, you have to make them to understand about your company’s health and benefits of unemployment, dividends which you are going to give etc., clearly. You have to explain them about your company’s need and its business condition for laying off people. Perhaps, again if you are in need of staff, you can appoint any staff on part-time basis with full commission and without draw. By doing so you can save your balance sheet and you can rebuild your company again in an advanced manner. You can take your salary home. You can keep your all company’s expenses very lower. If your personal approach is amicable with all your eliminated staff, you will never face any kind of offensive reactions from them and they will never express their negative feeling for what you have done to them.