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Video Games at work

So many of us have heard of (or are part of) tech companies that have tons of video games of work and promote a stress free environment, but is this actually helpful? We at BongoBing put it to the test by setting up Wii Fridays, where we, as the name suggests, play the Wii on Fridays. The experiment has increased employee morale and has pumped energy into the company. At times it does get distracting because we want to play the Wii during the week, but so long as we stick to playing it only on Fridays we still remain productive. If you are thinking about implementing this at your start up, first think about what game, not just video game, would most engage your employees and promote synergy. At the end of the day, the whole goal of any games at work is not just to have fun, but to get people to associate work with something that they actually want to do and thus become more productive employees.