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5 Ways to Market Your Business to Brides

In a steadily growing and increasingly competitive wedding industry, it’s important you make your business stand out from the crowd. You might offer the best selection of wedding music or the most scrumptious cakes, but unless you get your voice heard, your competitors will dominate the market. And don’t forget that today’s bride is crazy-busy. She’ll juggle creating her save the date magnets, researching wedding trends and her other responsibilities all at once. How can you catch her eye? Read on to learn some top-notch tips for marketing your business, services and merchandise to brides.

Leave Your Business Cards at Venues or with Other Vendors
As you acquire more business, try to find out who your customers and clients are using for the other aspects of their wedding. Get in touch those vendors and form a relationship. Allow them to leave their business cards and brochures at your business in return for letting you to do the same at theirs. Forming a relationship with other businesses will also increase the chance that those businesses will recommend you to their clients. Conversely, by recommending other vendors and venues, you will show clients that you are experienced with and knowledgeable about weddings.

Use Attention-Grabbing Postcards to Draw In Customers
A postcard is an inexpensive, yet effective way to let brides-to-be know about your services, merchandise or events. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your postcards:
• Create a catchy headline that clearly states your message
• Use vibrant colors, but be careful not to overwhelm the viewer
• Include photos of your products, services or business
• Entice prospects with a special offer, sale or discount
• Write a strong call to action that explicitly tells the prospect the next step to take

Use your postcards to advertise special events, for appointment reminders, for refer-a-friend promotions and more. You can also use a postcard marketing service that will provide you with a list of addresses and then mail your cards for you.

Give Out a Brochure of Your Services
Brochures are a great way to communicate the breadth of your services and your experience in the wedding business. The can also be used to feature special offers or exclusive deals that will help drive clients to your door. Even though a brochure has more space than a business card or postcard, it shouldn’t be jam-packed with every little detail about your services or products. Instead, you want to include just as much information to get prospects intrigued enough that they call you or set up an appointment to learn more.

Create a Wedding Information Kit
When a bride sets up an appointment to meet with you, don’t miss the opportunity to present yourself as professional, organized and knowledgeable. One way to do this is to provide her with an information kit that includes everything she needs to know about your services and products. Kits like these are easy to create. Start by picking out presentation folders and then stuff them with flyers, brochures, your business card and a promotional product like a magnet or a pen. This will also help your prospect to keep your information organized so it’s easy for them to find it when they need it.

Establish an Online Presence
These days, brides are using the Internet more than ever to learn about vendors and venues for their wedding. This means that creating a website should be an essential part of your marketing endeavors. Your website should at least feature your products and services, directions and contact information. Consider adding a photo gallery, pricing, packages and other details that brides will want to know. You can also offer visitors the option of signing up to receive emails. Through email marketing you can continually touch base with prospects and clients professionally and inexpensively.

While there are many ways to get the word out about your wedding services and products, these five marketing tips will help you get started on building a recognizable, reliable and professional business.