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Watching CNBC, CNN or FOX News while at work

I’ve always worked better while having CNBC in the background, it makes me feel more professional for some reason. I see all of those traders on the New York Stock Exchange moving millions of dollars worth of equity and it motivates me to work harder so I could one day be the investor they are trading in behalf of. I’ve also noticed that there are many of us who like watching the news while at work and associate the news with work. When I’m at home and wish to “get serious” I turn on CNBC so that I know that it’s “work time” and that I need to get in the zone. I and many of my colleagues have found this to be extremely helpful because it allows us to have a routine despite our crazy start up hours. Having the news on is alway consistent regardless of the time of day and there is something very calming and helpful about that. You should try it.