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Are you planning to launch a new product of any particular brand in the market? Then, DON’T follow the age old myths followed by all entrepreneurs all along. Gone are those days when the customers blindly believed whatever they were told/shown just because of repetition of brand names through ads. According to the first myth if the quality of your product is really good, then you must be sure of success! But, this dogma no longer holds good. What you should do is to post your brand on social networking sites and ask readers to survey. When they survey your product, you survey your readers. The second accepted myth is that by spending more and more on advertisements there is more and more profit. In reality, this is not so. It will only help to maintain the brand in the market, but will DEFINITELY NOT help in building the brand. Medias like the internet, newspapers, television, radio, etc., should be appropriately utilized for promoting the brand. The third accepted myth is that of oral reference by the previous purchasers to the future buyers. Even this has become out of date since the requirement from person to person varies. The BEST method will be to launch a blog which briefs the customers about your areas of expertise. The fourth myth expects the entrepreneur to be highly skilled and proficient in many fields. But even a very less educated person can succeed if he/she follows the rule of applying five new things to the business daily. DAILY MARKETING is the KEY Word! Do it daily and you’ll succeed. The fifth and last myth is that the costs of maintaining a business brand are too high. But you may get exposed to thousands of customers either through websites like Twitter, etc., or you may arrange for publicizing your brand through the local television/newspaper/radio, which may at a later date expose you to international market. Follow these New Age Solutions and Prosper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!