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Transition from a home office to an office at a commercial place

Different people have different thinking and develop diverse paradigms regarding their personal lives and their business as well. Some consider it comfortable to run a business which has a home office and the common perception is that less costs have to be incurred if business is operational from home. But, in this time of high competition it is very important to create an office atmosphere with a proper recruited staff, which is possible only in a office, situated at a commercial place . The advantage of other business offices nearby gives the business a chance of positive competition and a knowledge to the customer regarding the office. Thus, more customers are attracted by opening an office at a commercial place. For the businesses which have already established themselves and need a further increase in its area of operation and want to expand, a proper professionalized office is a prerequisite. Yes, it does require the setting up of budgets all over again, but is as productive as it could be because of the atmosphere created by the commercial office. The staff is more comfortable, the efficiency level rises up and productivity levels increase drastically. This covers up for the expenses incurred on the office place. Whereas the offices at home have to be closed early, and less staff can be acquired because of various reasons. For business like small printing press or web site developers, it is very important to have a good competition in the market. Government of different countries give subsidies for example cheap electricity and subsidized water supply to the businesses placed in commercial areas which reduces the overall costs of the company or the business. There is also an advantage of economies of scale at a commercial place, where the variable factor, that is cheap labor can come into play, which is again very profitable for the business. Thus, its time now for such businesses to close their home offices and open an office at a commercial place.