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Putting Flyers in a Building Complex

So we’ve all heard about gorilla marketing and how effective it can be, but how difficult is it? Whoever named it GORILLA marketing definitely knew how brutal it can be. Recently we decided to go to over 1000 different apartments throughout Boston putting fliers under people’s doors, it was exhausting. The most difficult part of it all was the extremely cold weather that of course had to start the week of our fliers. I would recommend targeting specific areas and trying to map out a very detailed plan so you don’t waste any time. The more time wasted the more tired that you will feel until you can no longer even see a fliers so have a plan before you start. Another nice piece of advice is to be creative with your resources to minimize costs. Don’t use Kinkos for printing if you have access to an office printer or a printer at your school. When bootstrapping it’s the little things that matter. We’re still measuring the effectiveness of the fliers marketing tactic so you’ll have to check in later to see how it plays out.