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Brainstorming New Ideas

A good brainstorming session with a fellow entrepreneur is always fun, I recently had one with a good friend and by the end of it we were pretty sure that we could take over the world. There are so many ideas out there up for grabs that it’s amazing to me that everyone isn’t at least a part-time entrepreneur. A good brainstorming session always has at least 3+ ideas thrown around and, more popular on the east coast, a detailed look into how the company will make money. By the end of a good brainstorming session, you make sure to you go out there and do some research before jumping into anything. The best ideas for young entrepreneurs are always those based online because they tend to require little to no start up costs. We brainstormed about potentially “cool” apps for folks our age, importing products from Latin America, and many other random thoughts that we considered potential opportunities. All and all, it’s always fun to have a good brainstorming session to get you pumped on entrepreneurship.