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Dropshipping and E-commerce

The more entrepreneurs that I speak with the more I find that many of them have a small website, but don’t know much about online marketing and are willing to drop ship so long as you manage the site and marketing for them; all for a percentage of each sale of course. Dropshipping is a very interesting concept for internet entrepreneurs starting out and equally for those looking to expand their product offering. Even Wal-Mart dropships many of its products sold through its website. The difficulty in dropshipping is finding the right supplier with products in demand with high margins. It’s difficult to compete very well online without the margins so if a supplier tells you that their product is in demand, but the margins are small think twice about it because it may not be worth it. Some good places to start looking for suppliers are right in your local neighborhood where you can meet them in person. Of course you’ll always get better margins if you go right to the source, but to start a local wholesaler or local shop trying to sell online will do.