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Generate Customer Loyalty with Holiday Cards

The holidays are almost here. Where will your customers go to take advantage of the holiday sales and purchase gifts for family and friends? To you! So why not take this opportunity to thank your customers for choosing you year-round by sending out branded holiday cards with an appreciation message and a special offer. Keep reading to learn the five tactics that will have customers coming back next year.

1. Choose a non-denominational holiday card

With so many different holiday card options, how do you choose the one that will appeal to the most people? Start by choosing a card that does not reference any particular holiday. Everyone can appreciate winter-well-wishes even if your message doesn’t cater to a specific religious background. As you pick your cards you may also wish to consider your brand personality. Do you want a conservative card or a fun one? Think about the image you’d like to convey to your customers and how they perceive you.

2. Incorporate your logo

Another factor you should consider as you pick out your cards is whether or not there is a tasteful way to include your logo, tagline and brand colors. Depicting your logo on your holiday cards is essential as it provides your customers with an instant connection to you. Using your logo and brand colors can also reinforce your brand identity and company message.

3. Thank your customers

The Christmas season is a time of gift-giving and gratitude, which makes it a perfect time to show your appreciation to the people who make your business possible. You don’t have to write a novel in your holiday cards, but a short personal message showing that you care is a must-have.

4. Include a special offer

While showing your appreciation can generally increase customer loyalty, a special offer will incite customers to take immediate action. Depending on when you send out your cards – early in the holiday season or towards the end – you can appeal to customers to looks for gifts and holiday deals or cash-in on the post-holiday sales.

5. Personalize your card

Show your customers that you’re more than a storefront or corporation by using the names of you and your staff in your closing. For instance, instead of writing “Sincerely, Westchester Realty,” write “Sincerely, John Smith and Sarah Brown” or “Sincerely, The Staff at Westchester Realty.” Another way to personalize your card is to include a picture of you or your employees on the card or use handwritten signatures. Customers who interact with you on a personal level will feel an immediate connection.

If you plan on sending out large quantities of cards, consider ordering your holiday cards online at websites like Vistaprint where you can choose from hundreds of designs and customize your text and envelopes to help save you time. If you’re a tight budget, try sending out holiday postcards instead of folded cards. You’ll save on envelopes and postage. Now you’re ready to take advantage of the holiday season with customized holiday cards!