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Staying organized and focused

My biggest drawback has always been my inability to stay focused on a boring task, but it is something that we must all do. The way that I’ve grown to deal with it is by using the same thought process everyone goes through right before they go into a pool and are afraid of touching the cold water. I sit there and first think to myself “I don’t really need to do this now”, but then I say to myself “just do it” (like the Nike slogan) and jump in; before you know it you’ll be done. I’ve been trying out this “just do it” lifestyle for about a month now and have to say that it really works. After a week or two of “just do it” you won’t even think about it, it’ll become habit. Staying organized and focused is all about doing the little boring things that need to be done every day in order to move forward, so “just do it”.