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How to find the perfect Christmas card

First off, don’t pick a card just because it’s “cute”, there are many factors to consider when picking out the perfect card for someone. Consideration #1: who is the Christmas card for, co-worker, family member or friend? If it’s a family member, then you are ok regardless of what you pick because they’ll appreciate the thought behind the card more. If it’s a co-worker, you have to take into account whether or not they even celebrate Christmas, and what you write on the card needs to be simple and to the point. If the card is for a friend, you should probably mention a fun time that you had together and throw in a funny joke. Consideration #2: should there be a present with the card? Presents (unless they are very inexpensive) should be reserved for only family and friends. Final consideration #3: deliver the card personally or by mail: of course if you are too far from someone then you have to choose by mail, but when it comes to your co-worker you should always stop by their cubicle and deliver it to them in person. Good luck finding the perfect Christmas card!