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Promotional Christmas Cards

Promotional Christmas cards are a great way to stay in touch with your mailing list, frequent customers or future prospects. When designing your holiday cards, it’s a good idea to remember that many other businesses also use seasonal cards for promotion—how can you make your holiday card stand out from the rest? There are a few techniques you can use to set your own campaign apart. What are the trends among your competition? Do they send out Christmas cards with conservative designs and muted colors? Or do they take the opposite approach? One way you can compete is by going in the opposite direction as your business peers.

Another good option is to examine the contents of those custom holiday cards. Do your fellow businesses offer simple “Season’s Greetings” messages? If so, they’re missing an opportunity to drive more traffic to a website or bricks-n-mortar business. Include a call to action in your custom holiday cards. The card that doubles as a discount coupon ensures at least a portion of your recipients will hang on to it instead of filing it away with the rest. If your custom Christmas card doubles as an invitation, you’ve created something that is both a thoughtful gesture and possible keepsake—many people save their invitations to special events, and your holiday card could remain in-house far longer than those of your competitors. There are many such ways to make your cards distinctive, it all depends on the kind of business you want to promote.