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The Importance of “The Look” to your Website

BongoBing has gone through a bagillion website transformations all making the site better than the last, but the real question is does it actually matter? Does a better website mean better revenue? The answer is a big YES. Our search results page, example: outdoor seating furniture, has evolved dramatically in terms of user utility and appearance over the past three months. Our item page, example: Folding Table and Chairs Package 2 – National Public Seating,  now has coupons and related searches on it to help with the online shopping experience. The overhaull in appearance & utility of these pages has directly resulted in more shoppers coming to the site, staying longer on it, and buying more. We’re currently working on making the site more “professional” and “clean” looking, we’ll see how much more this adds to the conversion rates. Overall, BongoBing continues to be an amazing venture, and each set back motivates us to work even harder.