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Bringing Red Mango to Boston, an Interview with Tarang Gosalia

A Babson College student, Tarang Gosalia, will be launching the first Red Mango franchise in Boston.

– Tarang, what made you choose the franchise business as your job when you graduate from Babson?

Since entering Babson, I have always preferred being financially independent and allowing myself to have direct control of my actions. Franchising allows you to be your own boss, control your own work directly and if implemented correctly can give you great financial independence. In my ideal world, I would love to manage multiple franchises and continue build my assets through a proven system. This model will allow me to get great experience in running my own business which will further allow me to develop my business practice.

– How did you go along the process of narrowing down your options, and finally picking Red Mango over other franchises?

Growing up in a family with over 15 years of franching experience, I have concluded the service based end of business is very lucrative but requires much more demand for personal service. Red Mango is a turn key point of sale operation which allows me to develop multiple stores without having the need for heavy service based demands. The concept is ultra-modern and extremely health conscious. Serving something to my customers which is good and more importantly good for them is something that really fits my ideal model. This concept is new and has not really tapped into the Massachusetts market yet.

– Are there any particular classes at Babson that you recommend to fellow students who would like to get involved with a franchise?

Living the Entrepreneurial Experience with Professor Glenn Kaplus is an amazing course that allows you to deliver real life business practice in the classroom environment.

– What are your plans to separate yourself from the rest of Red Mango franchisees? Do you have a lot of liberty of choice, or does Red Mango restrict a lot of your decisions?

Being a franchisee, I must comply with the general decisions of Red Mango, nevertheless I plan to differentiate myself from other franchisees through heavy viral marketing efforts. In addition, in a volume driven business customer service is key and I plan to deliver the absolute best customer service at my stores. Providing a modern, eclectic, comfortable environment with great tasting frozen yogurt will allow Red Mango to be a new alternative for healthy frozen treats in Boston.

Finally, good luck with your Red Mango franchise, I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to see how well you do! Make sure to throw some coupons our way!