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College vs Internship

My mom used to encourage me to appreciate life while most of my responsibilities were resumed to schoolwork. She used to say that school responsibilities are more flexible than work accountabilities and I did not put too much thought into it. During my first summer internship though, I started to ponder the nuances behind those…

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A New Work Environment

Working at a startup in Los Angeles has changed the way I look at the work environment in the United States. The first day of my internship itself was extremely memorable, and this was because it was something out of the ordinary. On my first day, there was a welcome lunch and the entire office…

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Christina Hodgkins

Hong Kong Work Environment

Over the course of this internship I’ve discovered how Hong Kong developed its reputation for having a fast-paced, innovative business culture. I was apprehensive of just how I was going to fit in here in that regard. What became clear however, is that this city is by no means a closed circuit. Regardless of your…

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Sophia Zhu

An Ever-changing Work Environment

This summer I will complete my second internship in the fashion industry. Last summer I was a digital marketing and social media intern and this summer I find myself more on the sales side of a company. One similarity I noticed from my time at both companies is that no two days will ever be…

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