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Brianna Radicioni

Women Make Gains as Largest Massachusetts Nonprofit Leaders: Babson Professors Greenberg and Murphy Research Gender and Racial Diversity on Local Boards

The number of women chief executives at the largest 150 Massachusetts nonprofits grew in recent years, accounting for 26 percent of those jobs, up three percent from two years ago. These findings were recently released in the report, Modest Gains, Robust Benefits, as part of the third biennial Census of Women Directors and Chief Executives of…

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Kerry Healey

Rewriting the Script for Success

On October 26, I had the opportunity to address an incredible group of women at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. We had a robust discussion about women, work-life balance, multi-generational work environments, and the evolving definition of success in our careers and our lives. I hope that this conversation serves as a starting point…

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Jamie Rappoport

Pursue Your Passions Every Day

Every week I am faced with the challenge to decide how I want to spend the next seven days. I have 168 hours, or 10080 minutes, or 604800 seconds to spend in any way I wish! Here at Babson, a common theme is making the most out of every day. I have never met a…

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Atiya Sharmin

ACG Professional Culture

Hello again everyone, Now that I’ve spent a little over a month at my internship at ACG New York, I see a considerable trend of communication that focuses more on intrapersonal relationship building, social capital, and personal selling. The corporate culture of my internship is business professional. A lot of very high level professionals are…

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