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Micro-Tyco Excellence Award

Earlier this summer, we partnered with long time collaborator WildHearts to offer the Micro-Tyco Excellence Award from The Babson Social Innovation Lab, recognizing 6 secondary school students who demonstrated entrepreneurial excellence throughout their completion of WildHearts’ Micro-Tyco program. The Micro-Tyco program is a month-long challenge that enables participants to practice and learn fundamental business principles…

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Corporate Social Relevance in Action

At The Lewis Institute we talk about Corporate Social Responsibility differently and believe we take it one step further. We talk about Corporate Social Relevance because to us it directly leads to authentic and powerful social innovation inside companies and outside within our communities and society as a whole. To us this is more than…

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Honoring Social Innovators

We are proud to announce our 2014 Social Innovator Awards recipients, Mick Jackson and Razia Jan. Mick is the Founder and Chairman of WildHearts, a charity that launches businesses and uses their profits to fund global micro-finance. We’ve written about them here and here, and are inspired by their pioneering business model just as much…

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Taking the Pulse of Entrepreneurship in Scotland

I recently returned from the WildHearts Global Entrepreneurial Leader Conference in Scotland – the first global conference on entrepreneurship held there – and as I try to find words to describe the experience what keeps coming is simply, SPECTACULAR. I was there to talk about ET&A – communicating our fundamental belief that entrepreneurship can be…

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Cheryl Kiser at the WildHearts Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference

We are thrilled to share that Cheryl Kiser will be speaking tomorrow and Thursday at the WildHearts Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a charity operating in 40 countries, WildHearts empowers entrepreneurs everywhere. They see entrepreneurship as the leading force of social change – so who better to partner with than Babson, the…

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