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Virtual Reality: What’s the Opportunity for 21st Century Education?

Post by Adam Sanders Although virtual reality (VR) has sparked the imaginations of inventors and researchers for decades, the primary enabling technology, the head-mounted display (HMD) has been unwieldy, expensive, and limited in terms of options. That changed in 2016, “the year of virtual reality,” when five different companies released consumer-aimed HMDs, that could provide…

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Why Many Marketers Believe that Augmented Reality is Doomed for Failure

The following post is from Mohit Juneja MBA’18, founder of IndulgeYoSelf.com™. IndulgeYoSelf.comTM is augmented reality for virtual try-on. Specifically, “Warby Parker for Jewelry.” Augmented Reality (AR) is the virtual overlay of contextual, digital information on a physical-world. Currently business value-add in the consumer space has been low given the primary use case of marketing. Marketers…

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