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Future Food: Urban Ag + Ag Tech

Next Wednesday, Food Sol will host a panel discussion on urban agriculture and agricultural technology. It would take some time to list all the reasons why this is important. Suffice it to say that agricultural innovation, under which both topics lie, influences technology, healthcare, construction and infrastructure, city planning and policy, renewables and sustainability, industrial…

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Historic Day for Boston Local Food and Farm Business

This morning at Boston City Hall, by a unanimous vote, the Zoning Commission passed Article 89, which will to pave the way for more commercial farms and innovative food ventures in Boston. Edith Murnane of the Mayor’s Office of Food Initiatives and Tad Reed and Marie Mercurio of Boston Redevelopment Authority led the presentation and…

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Food for Thought on Farms and Food: USA

By Bradley Googins & Philip Mirvis A monthly installment from two of The Lewis Institute’s Social Innovation Fellows: Bradley Googins and Philip Mirvis. Judging from the popularity of reality TV chef competitions on Hell’s Kitchen, infotainment shows about food production (The Chew), preparation (Kitchen Nightmares) and consumption (Anthony Bourdain),  and cooking tips from America’s Test…

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