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Recruit Babson Undergraduate Talent in Spring 2020!

The Babson College Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD)Below please find many ways to tap into Babson’s talent this Spring, including an opportunity to host an Externship at your organization in January. We hope to see you on campus! SPRING 2020 PROGRAMS RESUME REVIEW NIGHTWednesday, February 12th 6:00pm – 8:00pm CALLING ALL RECRUITERS AND…

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Privilege that is given to intern

It has been a month for me working at this company. Through a month, I could notice that there is one privilege that every intern receives. People always forgive mistakes that intern makes, and less responsibility is required to an intern. Same logic was applied to me, it was okay for me to make a…

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Being part of the company

It has been three weeks for me to work as an intern. I was assigned as marketing intern, but because I am an intern, I was the one who is flexible to work in many departments. For last week, I was asked to help operation support team, which was to check operation systems of the…

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