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Michael Chmura

Professor Lester: Scandal Surrounding Kevin Spacey, Netflix, and Morals Clauses in Celebrity Employment Contracts

Here’s what Law Professor Toni Lester has to say about the current scandal: “While everyday workers are subjected to anti-sexual harassment laws that allow employers to penalize them for inappropriate work place conduct, recent scandals concerning high powered celebrities like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey might make you wonder if these men are immune to…

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Leandra Grinage

How To Turn Your Twitter Profile Into A Professional Platform ( 7 Steps)

1. Follow companies that you admire and want to learn more about. Its is also a good idea to follow  political and professional leaders whom you respect. i.e @mcuban, @PWC_US_Careers 2. Cater a good majority of your tweets towards your professional interests. This means sharing news articles and interesting blogs posts that you have read and also tweeting about…

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Josefa Riveros

Babson By The Numbers

Babson has recently been challenging students, faculty and staff all over campus and online on Twitter to see just how well we know Babson by the numbers! When I first starting watching this video of Dean Hanno, in my head I was like, “pshhhhhhh I work in Admissions. I got this. Let’s do it.” That’s…

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Super Bowl Edition

So as all we Americans know (and as all my international friends at Babson now understand), this past Sunday was “Super Bowl Sunday.”  This post could be about how I’m still reeling about how my beloved Patriots didn’t make it (this didn’t ruin Gronk’s fun, of course), how I can’t believe San Francisco was ONE…

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Brian Hickey

Stirring Up Global Change

What school would be crazy enough to give a group of nearly thirty students $3,000 and tell them to go start their own business—from start to finish—on their own, making their own decisions. Welcome to Babson College. I am currently working as the VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at MixItMug, a real-life, operational business, run…

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