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They’re Not Next Door But They’re Still Your Neighbors

I came across the above quote not too long ago and thought it exemplified my responsibility as a volunteer. In the Winter of 2019, I participated in a service immersion program known as the Habitat for Humanity Gulf Coast Service Trip. As I formerly entered Babson as a transfer student, I hoped that this experience…

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Cheers to Travel!

In High School, it is hard to avoid the stereotypes that surround the college experience. House parties, sleeping all day, and of course, spring break! I am sure you have watched some movie or show where at some point they show the typical big group trip to Florida or the Dominican Republic where students spend…

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How to Travel on a Budget (Europe Edition)

   Budapest (Left), Barcelona (Center), Cinque Terre: Vernazza (Right) Last semester, I studied abroad at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. During my time abroad, I traveled around Italy to cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily (Catania & Palermo), Bologna, and Cinque Terre. I also visited Hungary, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Malta, the Czech…

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