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Professor Lester: Scandal Surrounding Kevin Spacey, Netflix, and Morals Clauses in Celebrity Employment Contracts

Here’s what Law Professor Toni Lester has to say about the current scandal: “While everyday workers are subjected to anti-sexual harassment laws that allow employers to penalize them for inappropriate work place conduct, recent scandals concerning high powered celebrities like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey might make you wonder if these men are immune to…

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Law Faculty And Their Students Receive Numerous Honors

Six out of seven members of the Babson law faculty and one of their students received collectively an unprecedented eight awards this spring and summer. The “award-fest” started this spring when Professor Toni Lester received a Babson Faculty Scholar award to support her research. Senior Lecturer Cheryl Kirschner received a Lewis Institute Change-maker Award for…

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Law Professor Lester Comments On Latest “Sorry” Copyright Lawsuit Against Justin Bieber

This Spring pop singer Justin Bieber was sued by indie artist Casey Dienel for stealing an eight second clip from her song, “Ring the Bell”. Commenting on the case, Babson Law Professor Toni Lester says: “Dienel is alleging that Beiber illegally used a short four note ascending music motif lasting eight seconds from her song.  Most people…

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