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When internship project and work are in conflict

Fortunately, my company have a very well-constructed program for interns that involves on-boarding training, mentorship, lunch n learn and also an internship project. The internship project is supposed to take about 20% of our time, while actual work with each individual department should take the rest 80%. However, this sometimes is not the reality. There…

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Wrapping Up

As the summer comes to an end, so does my internship with Saraswati Imports. I want to reflect on the summer and what I have learned from this overall work experience. There were a lot of little things that I learned that did not necessarily have to do with my job. This summer I was…

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Working With Other Interns

This summer has been all about collaboration and teamwork. As mentioned in my other posts, I’ve been working closely with two other interns this summer in preparing to launch our company’s eCommerce site. We are all the same year and age but all coming from different schools with completely different backgrounds. One is a finance…

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Alexandra Guillot

A Glimpse into my Workday

Whenever I discuss my internship at MainStreet Hammonton with others, they often ask what I do there. My response always contains a myriad of answers, as I have a wide variety of responsibilities at my job. Before beginning back in May, I had some sort of idea of what I’d be doing each day, but…

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Jenny Ho

“This is such a Girls’ Team”

I was at a conference the other day with my coworkers to learn more about the chronic illness community in Greenwich, CT. We were very much so the only team with an all female staff. This has never particularly bothered me, as an alum of the first public all girls’ school in the state of…

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Sophia Zhu

An Essential: Company Culture

I want to be valued at my future company and I want to feel that I am actually contributing to the company. I want opportunities to grow at my future company. I want something I can work up to and earn. The head of production, Shirley, once started at Araks as an intern. She has…

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Kelsey Choi

Teamwork as a Key to Success

Interning at WGBH Digital is a unique experience with an interesting balance between solo contributions and team collaboration. As the saying goes, “there is no ‘i’ in team.” Every piece of work completed adds to the finished product, in one way or another. This system is extremely effective in Digital due to the department’s culture.…

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Brandon Schwartz

How Google Docs Saved Me This Summer

If there was no Google Docs, I wonder how my team at work and I would be able to complete our work efficiently and well. Of course, I am not saying that saying Google Docs is the final, say-all, end-all of word processors. There are definitely opportunities where Google Docs may present itself as the…

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