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Startup Tips from the Summer Venture Program

We’ve been busy gearing up for the start of the school semester and a new year for the Butler Venture Accelerator. The Butler Venture Accelerator provides resources including an entrepreneurial community, incubator work space, mentors, workshops, peer reviews and more. The program is open to Babson students and alumni, Olin Engineering and Wellesley College during…

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Social Innovation Showcased in Babson Summer Startups

By Ryan Lupberger, Undergraduate Scholar at The Lewis Institute One socially focused business is an outlier, two is a coincidence, and three makes it a trend. As a believer in supporting socially focused business, I’m encouraged to see three great social enterprises in this year’s Summer Venture Program at the Blank Center for Entrepreneurship here…

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Staying True To Fulfilling Your Mission But Open-Minded to How

The following post is from Yuanyuan Yin M’15 and Dylan Murphy, founders of SuperHealos, a spring 2015 hatchery business. When we started SuperHealos, we planned to revolutionize the children’s hospital supply industry by providing the most comfortable, functional, and moral boosting superhero costume-like hospital gown and other products. We quickly realized that hospitals have serious…

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