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Four Reasons Why I Only Work with Start-Ups

I’ve never once worked with an established company. So far, I’ve worked with five start-ups and have a handful of side ventures that I am pursuing. Here are my reasons why I enjoy working with start-ups: 1. Open and Collaborative Environment Expect no more than 15 employees in the office. The smallest office I’ve worked…

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3 Pros of the Start-up Environment

This summer, I am working as a marketing intern at two jewelry start-ups: Ashita New York and Rent the Jewelry. I was very excited going in because I believed in the potential both companies had to disrupt the jewelry industry. Ashita New York aims to create an inclusive community and spread positivity through colorful gold…

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Time Management: Stay True, Stay You

Time management is being able to allocate your time effectively to spend on specific activities while also taking care of yourself. Done correctly, this would allow you to complete more, lower fatigue, and increase productivity. At LearnLux, there are always multiple projects that I have to juggle, which I find as a perk. I usually…

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Startups in a NYC leading tech accelerator

This summer I’m interning at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, a leading tech accelerator in NYC where less than 2% of startups applying are accepted. I’m specifically working in depth with a startup called Woveon, where we help companies derive customer analytics across all their different communication channels with the help of AI and Machine Learning. While…

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Why Start at a Start-Up?

Beginning my internship experience, I had the mentality of completing one role throughout the entire summer. I was greeted with a huge surprise on my first day when I was asked to help with operational tasks as well as manage their online systems. I walked into a room with 12 other interns who were working…

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