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Spring Break or Career Catastrophe?

This post was written by Elena Ruan ’14, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter – whatever your chosen social media poison is, the message is usually the same. Spring Break is the time to travel to some place tropical or adventurous. With a big group or as an intimate pair, you want to…

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Spring Break At Babson and Beyond

Campus is pretty quiet this week since most of our students are off on a well-deserved spring break.  Over the last few weeks, the Babson student body has been caught up in dreaded midterm season, consisting of many late nights in the library, last-minute studying, and final practice for group presentations.  Through all of the…

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Chillin’ Out Maxin’ Relaxin’ Part 2

As always, breaks pass too quickly. I even took extra days off and had 2 weeks of spring break and I still felt like it passed too fast. I went back home to LA for break. As a person born and raised in the golden state, experiencing my first real winter in the East Coast…

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